Selfdom (Test Posting - Do Not Apply)

Selfdom (Test Posting - Do Not Apply)

WHERE: Accra, United Kingdom (UK) / DATES: 12 May, 2020 / COMPANY: Joseph Productions / DIRECTOR: Joyce Lee

Casting "60 Year Old Selfie," a student project. The project idea revolves around what’s being lost within the digital revolution. With social media isolating us, making us interact less with the people around us and the present. The idea reflects and celebrates the genuine good times and connections between people, with face-to-face interaction between family/friends being the controlling idea of the piece.


A group of older people walk into a pub, all but one of them are engaged with their phones. They sit down, cramped together, and continue texting, the sound of key clicks and notifications getting more intense. One of the group goes up to the bar, orders, and brings back some beers. As the drinks are passed around, there is a building silence around the table as the beers force the group to socialise with one another. After a few silent sips, the group start genuinely connecting with each other, yet one of the group is trying to use their phone and drink their beer at the same time. Another of the group gets out a selfie stick, taking a group snap before putting their phone away again.


GLORIA: Quirky, loving character who cares deeply about the people around her. Although she can't resist picking up the phone and texting her eldest daughter, when she lands in a spot of bother. But when she gets the chance to meet with some of her dearest friends, she gets lost in texting her loved ones at home, rather than enjoying her time in the present. Females, aged 50 to 62 from Bristol, United Kingdom.

JANE: A loving caring character that is referred to as the mother of the group. She is very much the agony aunt for her friends. However when things get too stressful in her own life, she feels afraid to turn to the ones she loves most to ask for help. When she meets up with her dearest friends again at the local pub, she finds it difficult to start a conversation. She turns to her phone. Females, aged 52 to 62 from Bristol, United Kingdom. Minimum acting experience: Extra.

Contact: Joseph Michael

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