This is a documentary based on an extempore conversation between groundbreaking American artist Linda Karshan and Ghanaian filmmaker and poet Ishmael Annobil, on 27 October 2017.

An adjunct to an interview about Karshan's pivotal works, 'Studio View & Jottings' concentrates on the artist's keynote exhibition, 'Linda Karshan: Studio View' (The Redfern Gallery, in 2017), and her spellbinding 'jottings' on telling scholarly thought, philosophies, theories and re-workings of old and new aphorisms and wisdoms, that form a parallel narrative in the exhibition catalogue: 'Studio View: A book in There Parts'.

This short film sees Karshan at her most erudite, establishing her classical and contemporary influences as well as her uncanny affinity with the primordial, pre-intellectual mark makers, and her apparent atavism.

Producer/Director/Editor: Ishmael Annobil
Cinematographers: Ishmael annobil and Nana Yaa Annobil

Writer: Ishmael Annobil | Producer: Ishmael Annobil | Director: Ishmael Annobil | Film Company: Stonedog Productions | Editor: Ishmael Annobil | Soundman: Ishmael Annobil | Sound-Post / Design: Ishmael Annobil | Composer: Ishmael Annobil | Date of Production: 05/05/2022