Salamander, a society lady on the verge of a nervous breakdown, retreats to a quiet place to find and debate with herself. But an all-knowing pseudo-priest, Orfeo, awaits her. He is determined to turn the whole thing into an uncomfortably dredging psychoanalysis, while she craves her own private contemplation and, possibly, a brutally simple solution. Meanwhile, a hit-man waits in the wings to finish her off.

Cornered by her own haunting memories, and jiggled by her nemesis/exorcist (Orfeo), she slips in and out of ‘reason’, and takes to deconstructing and abstracting language at will. But Orfeo is unshakeable; he travels the course with her, interpreting even her weirdest utterances with annoying precision, experiencing her hallucinations with her, till she finally cracks. Set in a monastery, this surreal piece establishes a seamless interface between reality and the surrealism of lunacy and dreams. 

Written and directed by Ghanaian poet Ishmael Annobil, Salamander Walks was shot in five days, using multiple cameras, and on a sub-micro budget. 

Lydia Hourihan - Salamander 
Conrad Peters - Orfeo
Glen John Baptiste - Hitman
Joan Plunkett - Lead Witch
Catherine Dunne and Elie Mitra - Junior Witches

Writer/Producer/Director: Ishmael Annobil
Director of Photography: Ishmael Annobil
Camera: Hossein Taraz, Max Mallen, Ishmael Annobil
Sound: Simon Rycroft
Editors: Simon Rycroft, Hossein Taraz and Ishmael Annobil
Sound Consultant: Nikos Nikolalaios
Lighting Consultant: Ori Batut
Visual Effects: Simon Rycroft
Music: Ishmael Annobil

Camera: Damien Kwasnik, Max Mallen, Hossein Taraz, Kevin Adamson (Steadicam) / DOP: James Buck / SOUND: Marco Iavaronne and Nikos Nikolalaios

Writer: Ishmael Annobil | Producer: Ishmael Annobil | Director: Ishmael Annobil & Nana Yaa Annobil | Film Company: Stonedog Productions | Date of Production: 17/07/2015